That Could Be Me

White Embroidered Apron v2

  • White Embroidered Apron v2

That Could Be Me

White Embroidered Apron v2


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This embroidered apron will keep your gear fresh until it's time to eat!  The intricate embroidery in front creates an eye-catching and comfy accessory that'll make you long for more time in the kitchen.  Its single size is comfortable, adjustable and flattering for every gender. Just might inspire you to fire up the grill or pull out Granny's authentic soul food recipes!

• Adjustable neck loop and long ties
• Two front pockets
• One size fits all
• Size: 20″ × 30″ (50.8 cm × 76.2 cm)
• 70% polyester, 30% cotton


THAT COULD BE ME® donates 10% of net profits to That Could Be Me Foundation. We print-on-demand for a greener, cleaner planet.

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